Boot Camp with Mr. Charlie

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Miss Jillian and Mr. Charlie are offering Boot Camp for Elite team members during the summer.  Mr. Charlie said, “Today was our first day and this morning 31 dancers showed up to participate.  Each session will be different with the intent of building endurance, improving cardio, flexibility and agility.  This first week has a couple of  two-a-days like a school sports program, but after this week we will meet three times throughout the week. Our goal is to help dancers become stronger and better prepared for incoming guest artists and the upcoming dance season.”

Seniors Lindsay Abell and Katy Arnold both agreed boot camp was what they expected.  Lindsay said, “It is what I expected but Charlie put a fun twist on it and made it a positive experience.”  Katy added, “Charlie made it enjoyable even though we are running.”

Before starting the evening boot camp, Olivia Sineway and Halie Truman took time to talk about the morning’s activities and agreed with Lindsay and Katy.  Olivia said, “Boot camp is fun and building our stamina to prepare us for the upcoming season.  I didn’t know if I was going to throw up this morning, but I made it!”  Halie remarked, “We will get stronger while spending time with friends.”

Warm Up Run



Sophomore Gracie Allen set a good pace during this agility drill.  “I think this is really going to help me both mentally and physically.”

Strength Building


As the dancers continued their work out, Reagan Avery leading her line with the next exercise stated, “This is good for the whole team and will make us stronger.  This will be a healthy routine for the whole summer.” And, she is so right!

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