DDD Road Rally 2017

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It was a beautiful day for a road rally! This year each team participated as a whole group and traveled to 5 locations to complete challenges and trivia questions.

The creative team challenges began with a blindfold and sack race to pick up ten of the team’s assigned color ball. After completing this task, the teams were given the next clue and they headed off into different directions.

Another challenge consisted of the team eating a quart and a half of ice cream after purchasing it at the Dollar General in downtown Alma.

Teams also traveled to St. Louis to the park in front of the high school to complete the marshmallow/cup contest. One member of the team had to select 10 cups and eat the marshmallows to find the smiley face drawn in the bottom of the cup. If the first person did not find the smiley face, another team member selected 10 more cups, and this continued until the smiley face was found.

At Leppien Park on Devon Drive in St. Louis, team members had to work together to blow up balloons and tie them only to have to pop them all before getting their trivia question.

Back in Alma, teams had to travel to Riverside Park to count the number of wooden planks on the bridge. Then off to Pine River Park and Conservatory where they had to run the trail.

As it is a timed race, teams had the opportunity to take pictures at different places in order to remove time from their overall score. Teams stopped to take pictures in parks and murals in both St. Louis and Alma.

After completion of the challenges and trivia questions, teams returned to DuHadway Dance Dimensions to await the results. Regardless of who won, the point of the road rally is to promote team bonding and have fun.

There definitely was excitement in the air and a lot of smiling faces on this beautiful day. Thank you Tanya Abell for putting this event together. Thank you to all of the parents who provided supplies, drove and volunteered to run the challenges. It was a fabulous way to kick off the new season!

Orange Team Won the Road Rally.

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