DuHadway Dance Dimensions Dancers Recipients of Woman’s Club Scholarships

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 “She who does not advance goes backward.”

The Alma Woman’s Club was established in 1889 as a non-profit organization and social club.  The mission of the club is to promote women and youth in community service and civic involvement including literacy, the arts, and personal improvement.

The Woman’s Club created an endowment to perpetuate funds to be given to area middle and high school students in promotion of the arts (mini scholarships) and for the “Outstanding Senior Girl” scholarship of $2000.  The larger scholarship is awarded to an Alma High School graduate based on an application and interview process.

DuHadway Dance Dimensions has had four dancers receive mini grants from the Alma Women’s Club over the past several years.

  • Junior Melissa Zakala received a scholarship in 2013 for a Highland Dance summer workshop at St. Andrews Society of Detroit, Michigan.
  • Melissa Zakala also received a scholarship in 2015 to attend Blue Lake Dance Intensive in Twin Lake, Michigan.
  • DDD alumni Maya Stahl received a scholarship in 2015 to attend Interlochen’s summer ballet intensive in Interlochen, Michigan.
  • DDD alumni JoElla Fitzpatrick received a scholarship in 2016 to attend AMDA in Las Angeles, California.
  • Junior Katy Arnold received a scholarship in 2016 to attend Master level classes in Las Vegas, Nevada at Hall of Fame Nationals.

DuHadway Dance Dimensions has also had several dancers receive the “Outstanding Senior Girl” scholarship over the years.

  • 1993 Carrie Fetzner
  • 1998 Shannon Spykerman
  • 2000 Julie Cole
  • 2002 Erica Sandel
  • 2010 Caleigh Nowlin
  • 2012 Chelsea Nowlin
  • 2013 Andrea Armstrong
  • 2014 Laura Lowe
  • 2015 Abbie Richardson

The Woman’s Club may have scholarship opportunities for you!  Check in Spring 2018 to see if they are taking applications to help support your future artistic goals.

Here is a fun fact about the Alma Woman’s Club:  Back in the early, early days of the club, a committee would visit your home to make sure you passed the white glove test before they allowed you in the club!

Also, if you want to join the Woman’s Club, please visit their Facebook page for more information about upcoming meetings.

Credits:  Thank you to Audra Stahl for contributing the information to this article.


Melissa competes in Highland Dance

Melissa (gray leotard, right of center) participates in Blue Lakes Dance Intensive.

Maya studied Ballet at Interlochen

JoElla attended AMDA in Los Angeles

Katy at Hall of Fame Nationals in Las Vegas


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