Mackenzie Houghton: Choreographer

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Ithaca High School Junior and Elite team member Mackenzie Houghton is known for her amazing tap ability and is an emerging dancer at DuHadway Dance Dimensions.  However, did you know Mackenzie is also a STAR at her school? 

Upon entering high school, Mackenzie was interested in being part of the drama department because of the diversity of the friendships that are formed within this group.  She was also interested in being part of something special and wanted to be active within her school.  Now, three years later her role within the department has grown.

Mackenzie credits DDD alumn and Ithaca High School choreographer/performer Sophia Culp for encouraging her to fill the role of choreographer.  “The director of the drama department needed a choreographer when Sophia graduated.  Sophia recommended me for this position and I am thankful to her for this opportunity.”

This past year Mackenzie was the choreographer for the winter musical, “Scrooge”.  Not only was she going to choreograph, she auditioned and landed the roles of a mother and Helen, but due to a foot injury focused solely on the choreography side.  This year Mackenzie will be choreographing the dance numbers for the new musical and is looking forward to the challenge.

Mackenzie appreciates her teachers at DDD for encouraging her to audition for her school’s musical.  “Ithaca’s drama program is very professional with rehearsals and shows.  DDD prepared me for this and also taught me to be a good leader while teaching dances.  DDD also taught me time management, to be patient with people who do not get something right away, to encourage others, and to be flexible when needed.  Without dance, I don’t think I would even have the confidence to choreograph or be in the musicals.”

Mackenzie says the highlight of drama productions are the cast parties.  “We all have a good time and become closer as a drama family.  It is one of the many things I look forward to every year.”

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