Marissa Bloomquist: Just “Wing It”!

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Marissa Bloomquist is a 7th grader beginning her 5th year as an Elite team member at DuHadway Dance Dimensions.  This past summer, Marissa attended Tap 24.7 Suzy Guarino’s advanced taps classes offered at DDD.

Marissa said, “The classes were amazing and I had the opportunity to partake in the advanced classes that pushed and challenged me. When I walked away from her classes, I knew I had to work hard and bring my “A” game to every class. The best thing about the classes was having the opportunity to try and learn new things while dancing with some of the older girls who are amazing tappers.”

Marissa began tapping at the age of 6, and has loved it ever since she discovered what she could do with her feet. “I love tapping because of the movement, sounds, and the music. Once I hear music, I just tap and I have to move my feet whether I am at home or in a store.”

Marissa will be attending “Wing It” September 9-10, 2017, as she is a new member of Detroit Tap Repertory.  In order for Marissa to become a prestigious member, she had to audition.  “The audition was done via YouTube so I had to prepare choreography and submit a link. It required a short intro that included information about myself, why I love to tap and why I would like to a member of DTR.  It was difficult to get a good take and took several tries. Miss Jillian worked with me one on one at the studio helping me to prepare not only the choreography but the video as well. She challenged me to create my own choreography while supporting me every step of the way. It was so inspiring working with her. I want to thank her because without her love, support, inspiration, training, generosity and just believing in me, I wouldn’t have made it this far. DDD has given me the confidence to do anything I put my mind to do.”

When asked about what she was looking forward to working with famous tap choreographers from around the world, Marissa replied:  “I can’t wait to learn new choreography and to perform with DTR while representing DDD.”  Your DDD family wishes you the best and can not wait to see what great things you accomplish at DDD and DTR!

Miss Jillian and Marissa

About Detroit Tap Repertory (DTR):

Detroit Tap Repertory (DTR) is a tap company comprised of tap dancers from Michigan and Ohio dedicated to sharing their passion for tap through participation in educational events and public performances. The goal of DTR is to provide a fun and inspiring environment for tap dancers to learn, perform, and grow with no competition pressure. Founded in 2008 by Denise Caston, this talented group has grown from a small ensemble to a team of more than 60 dancers. This diverse group includes elementary, middle, high school, and college students as well as dance educators, professional dancers, and business professionals. Most members attend weekly classes at a dance studio and are part of a competitive dance team while others have had previous training but are no longer taking formal classes.

WHAT WE DO: Members meet for a few hours on Sundays at dance studios around the Metro Detroit area. At the beginning of the season, professional choreographers are brought in to set signature pieces. In addition, the team choreographs various pieces, giving members the opportunity to see their work on stage. Throughout the year, the team performs their repertoire at various local and regional shows, festivals, and charity events. The season culminates with the Motor City Tap Fest in August and the performance in the festival’s annual show at Detroit’s famed Orchestra Hall in Detroit. Additional opportunities include workshops, master classes, and performances at tap festivals, shows, and parades locally and across the country. Travel is optional.

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