NYCDA 2018 Recap

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Attending NYCDA in Lansing, Michigan was a great way to begin the 2018 competition season. This weekend experience provided DDD dancers an opportunity to learn about themselves as individual dancers and what they were physically and emotionally capable of achieving all while working with their teammates in a high level training environment.

Many wonderful things happened at NYCDA this past weekend. Even though not all dancers were awarded special individual recognition, parents and dancers agreed valuable experience and growth were gained. Miss Jillian and Miss Laura were very proud of each dancer for their commitment to doing their best throughout the weekend.

As this weekend consisted of classes and competition, positive moments were happening at all different levels.  Several team members were called up on stage to dance alongside the teacher during class, which in itself is a wonderful accomplishment.  Competition pieces received strong scores and some special awards, with one piece receiving an invitation to NYCDA Nationals.

At the end of the weekend, a special awards ceremony recognized several of our DDD dancers.

Our SHOWCASE Dancers Lindsay Abell, Rose Goltz, Taylor Murphy and Gwen Breidinger performed learned choreography from classes throughout the weekend.  Several other dancers were invited to perform on stage by the instructors as well! You all did a wonderful job representing DDD!

The following dancers made their way to the FINAL CUT. About 50 finalists were chosen per level by the NYCDA staff throughout the weekend. These finalists then auditioned for the Outstanding Dancer scholarship. Congratulations to Gwen Breidinger and Lauren Gilbert for being selected as finalists at the Mini Level. Congratulations to Ava Frost for being selected as a finalist at the Junior Level. And, congratulations to Rose Goltz for being selected as a finalist at the Teen Level.

Special scholarships were also awarded and these particular scholarship earn the dancers a FREE regional event, which means they go to NYCDA for free next year!
Ballet Scholarship (awarded by the Scott Jovovich) – Gwen Breidinger
Tap scholarship (awarded by Chloe Arnold) – Lauren Gilbert
Broadway scholarship (awarded by Corey Snide after Friday night sessions) – Avery Benaske

Again, congratulations to all of the dancer for their work and effort within the classes and at the competition!  It was a great way to start off the 2018 season!


At the conclusion of the convention, I caught up with Lauren Gilbert to congratulate her on her achievements and to ask her about the thoughts running through her head.  Here is what she had to say:

“This past weekend was just amazing and I loved it so much.  The first day of tap class, (teacher) Chloe Arnold said some really inspiring words to me and she made me feel really good about myself.   She told me I was the person who girls in this room should look up to and that really got to me.  I was like WOW!  Is this really happening?  I had to tell myself this is real life Lauren, and this is really happening to you!  So, for the rest of the weekend I just felt like a whole new dancer!

The next day, it was time to audition to win scholarships.  I was shaking because I was so nervous, but I had confidence.  Gwen (Breidinger) and I went out on the floor together and danced our booties off.  Then, it was time to hear our results.  They were calling off numbers and my dance friends and I were all so nervous.  All of a sudden, they called Gwen’s number.  I was soooo happy for her.  Then they called my number and we looked at each other and gave each other a huge hug.  Then, we had to go into a special room with the other junior finalists and perform the ballet and jazz combos two time each.

In my last tap class, I was on stage with Chloe Arnold for the whole class!  At the end of the convention, Gwen and I had to go on stage to perform our jazz dance, and that was a little nerve racking but we did it!  Then, when they started announcing scholarship winners, Gwen’s name got called for a Ballet scholarship and I was so so so proud of her!  But, then they were calling off more names and I heard the announcer say, “LAURENNN GILBERTTT from DUHADWAY DANCE DIMENSIONS come get your scholarship!”  I was beaming with happiness and I could not believe Chloe Arnold had just given me a tap scholarship!  I was so excited!!!

This weekend was so inspiring because of the confidence Chloe Arnold had in me and just spending all of this time with my dance friends!  This will be a weekend I will never forget!!!!!!”

Congratulations to you, Lauren Gilbert!


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