Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

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Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

DuHadway Dance Dimensions Elite Team performed October 23 at the Palace of Auburn Hills during the pregame show for the Detroit Pistons.  Here is your Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap!  The Elite Team has sixty dancers ranging in age from eight to eighteen.  In the weeks leading up to the performance our choreographers, Charlie DuHadway and Laura Lowe, put together a routine suitable for our youngest dancers right up to our oldest dancers.  Dancers met five Sundays, putting in about 12 hours of preparation and rehearsal.  The dancers were split into smaller groups to learn choreography.  Charlie and Laura took all of the dancers out to the parking lot to practice the routine together.  Miss Jillian was in charge of ordering costumes for the dancers.  In the week leading up to the event the dancers were beyond excited!

Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

Waiting in the tunnel!

Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

Choreographer Charlie and dancers. Miss Laura had a performance and couldn’t attend!

Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

Dancers waiting to take the court!

On October 23, our group of over two hundred dancers, parents and friends traveled to The Palace.  Everyone arrived at our meeting place and the dancers changed into their costumes.  Our Pistons rep, Brandon, met us and showed us to our tunnel to await being brought down to the court.

The dancers sat in small groups stretching, warming up and playing games!  Finally the dancers were led down to seats close to the court.  As we waited for the Piston’s warm up to end the dancers surveyed their stage.  Finally, the time had come and the dancers were led to the court.  But not without some last minute changes dictated by the Pistons!  One of the players refused to leave the court during our performance so our ‘stage’ was not the same size as we had practiced in rehearsal.  Charlie stood at the top of the 3-point line to help the dancers know the boundaries.  You may also notice one of the players running on the sidelines back and forth the length of the court during the performance.

Here is a link to video of the performance as filmed by the Pistons!

After the performance the dancers were just thrilled with the whole experience!  Everyone had a great time!

Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap     Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance RecapPostgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap     Postgame Detroit Pistons Performance Recap

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