TAPestry 2017

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Taking the Stage in Arizona

Charlie and Jillian performed as part of Unlocking the TAPestry in Arizona the last weekend in May.  Here they are in costume as part of the Flying Shuffles team in a video game concept show that was 80’s themed.  Unlocking the TAPestry is an original tap show created by Tap 24.7’s Artistic Director, Suzy Guarino-Hall.  With a cast of 70 dancers, it features performers from Arizona’s tap company Tap 24.7, special guests Gregg Russell and Tap Sounds Underground, World Tap Dance Champion Kyle Van Newkirk, Kelsey Rose Young and the Detroit Tap Repertoire, and tap dancers all over the country with ages ranging from 9 through adult.

The show is about 3 groups of tap dancers competing in a video game called The TAPestry.  They choose a song to perform to based upon the category chosen for them by a computer named Roberto.  The dancers have 3 levels by which they are scored; Timing, Accuracy, and Performance (TAP).  The first group to reach the highest score on all 3 levels wins!  But, there are a few challenges that Roberto creates along the way which proves to be tricky, and some deviations by the groups make this game very unpredictable.

Ms. Jillian commented that this was an amazing experience, she enjoyed spending time tapping on stage with Charlie, and meeting LOTS of new people.


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