Incoming DDD freshmen Ashlyn Wentworth attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest this summer. According to the camp’s website, their dance program is designed to challenge young dancers, and enhance their current level of training through a diverse curriculum. Dancers receive five hours of daily instruction that includes courses in ballet technique, contemporary/modern technique, point or pre-pointe, and partnering. The program also provides opportunities to learn original repertoire that challenges a dancer’s movement, vocabulary and increase their ability to quickly learn choreography. Workshops in injury prevention, dance composition, improvisation, dance history, and careers in dance help to provide a well-rounded summer dance experience.

Ashlyn was very excited to attend the camp, as she was looking forward to the challenge and trying something new. Because of her dedication and interest in dance, Ashlyn received a Blue Lake Scholarship from DDD at the Elite Experience show in January 2019. “This scholarship means a lot to me because it means my teachers think I am ready to go and am prepared to step out of my comfort zone.” After attending this twelve day camp, Ashlyn said, “I learned you do not always have to be the best, you can just be your best.”

Ashlyn highly recommends this summer intensive camp and would love to go to camp again. She has many wonderful memories of camp, with her favorites being dancing with the dancers from Berlin and attending the camper dance with her cabin mates.

As she gets ready for her twelfth year of dance, Ashlyn has set goals for herself. She hopes to be more focused, and increase her flexibility and strength. Some day, Ashlyn hopes to dance professionally and teach at a studio. Currently, her favorite genres of dance are tap and ballet.

With the upcoming 2020 season around the corner, Ashlyn says, “I am looking forward to working in new groups, continuing to improve my technique, and grow as a dancer.