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Classes & Tuition

Dance Classes @ DDD

As you will see below, dance classes at DuHadway Dance Dimensions provide dancers throughout Mid-Michigan a wide variety of classes taught by trained instructors in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Tumbling, all with a focus on building a solid foundation and adding progressively more skilled elements.

Rhythm Development

We offer a diverse curriculum for dancers ages 3 to 5. Our rhythm development program is a ballet based program for preschool and kindergarten age students. It develops large and small motor skills while introducing basic ballet concepts using songs and dances that young children can understand. We reinforce the concepts of right and left, colors, number recognition, waiting for your turn and other basic social skills along with our time-tested dance skill-building program.

We have an age-appropriate curriculum for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds since we know these age groups vary widely in their abilities.  At DDD we utilize props such as beach balls, hula hoops, and various musical instruments to supplement our classes. Each class consists of individual skill building, across the floor skill building, working with a group and working one at a time all while having Fun with a Purpose.

RHYTHM I (3-year-olds) – ballet concept / plié, motor skill/marching, social skill – following the leader/standing in line.
RHYTHM II (4-year-olds) – ballet concept / retiré, motor skill/hopping on one foot, social skill – personal space / working with a partner
RHYTHM III (5-year-olds) – ballet concept/changement, motor skill / skipping forwards and backward, social skill – following much more detailed instructions / much more formal ballet class with more structure.


Our pre-ballet program is designed for students ages 6 to 8 and continues to build on the skills introduced in our RHYTHM program OR new students may join into a class with other beginners. The same curriculum is followed for both returning and new students; however, a slower pace will be taken for those who are just being introduced to ballet.


For students ages 8 and up, DDD offers an extensive background into classical ballet. Students typically attend classes once per week and are given a firm foundation in the art of ballet and ballet technique. We have found that our students are admitted to camps and college programs by audition and are complimented on the strong ballet background they were given at DuHadway. Interested students can pursue Cecchetti graded exams which require multiple technique classes per week and intensive summer study. After completing the necessary prerequisites, students can move on to pointe work which is the essence of ballet. Although we will not turn away a student if they do not wish to take ballet, it is strongly recommended since ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance.


Students may begin jazz when entering second grade or at age 7. Jazz comes in many forms and we strive to give our students a well-rounded exposure to many styles. Most students attend once per week and within that class, we teach them a solid traditional jazz technique and supplement with lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre.  Jazz dancers will find more success if they team their training with ballet since the foundations of jazz come from ballet classes.  Ballet takes the required techniques from jazz and slows them down so mastery can be achieved.  However, ballet is not mandatory to pursue jazz classes at DuHadway.  Basics included in jazz classes include jumps, turns, and floor work.  Jazz dance can be seen on Broadway (think Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade dance presentations), watching high school or college dance teams and in some commercials.


Students may begin tap when entering first grade or at age 6. To be able to perform tap you must be able to stand on one foot and balance for an extended period of time. We find that the average first grader has achieved this skill. Tap is a fun way to develop rhythm and timing while creating a very enjoyable experience for those both watching and listening.   One of the components and roots of tap dance is improvisation.  Students will be asked to “improv” or “freestyle” at an early age to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for rhythm, timing, and expression.  Tap dance is often seen on Broadway (Radio City Rockettes) and fuses into commercial and hip hop shows as well.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop program allows dancers to enroll at third grade or age 8.  Hip Hop is a style of dance that is deeply rooted in improv or freestyle movement.   All dance forms are driven by music, however, hip hop dancers strive to connect with the smallest nuances in music to create “moments”.  It is not unusual to see dancers “freeze”, move in slow motion or pop body parts for dramatic effect.  We strive to give our dancers a foundation in a variety of hip hop genres (tutting, popping/locking, b-boying, vogueing) to make them as well rounded as possible.  All class members will be expected to freestyle and improv for self-expression and to develop their musicality and rhythm.


The DuHadway tumbling program is open to students ages 4-18.  We teach mat work and tumbling skills (rolls/cartwheels).  Our classes include warm-up exercises, flexibility, strengthening stations, age-appropriate skill building with the goal of teaching students to perform the explosive tumbling skills (front and back handsprings, tucks and aerials) that have an impact on performances.  All children can benefit from this strength and flexibility training that will help them in any school sport or activity they wish to pursue.


Basic Tuition:

These are monthly rates which are paid October-May

  • 30-minute class each week – just $33 per month for dancers ages 3-5
  • 45-minute class each week – just $42 per month for dancers ages 6-12
  • 1-hour class each week – just $50 per month for dancers 12 & up

Our most common combinations of classes:

NOTE: we offer a discount based on the amount of time your dancer is in the studio each week.

  • 45-minute ballet and 30-minute tap = 1.25 hours per week – just $56 per month  (you can see the significant discount for two classes)
  • 45-minute ballet and 45-minute jazz = 1.5 hours per week – just $61 per month
  • The discounts continue as your dancer progresses through our program and adds more classes over time.

CLICK HERE to read our 2019-20 Studio Handbook

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