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Training Programs

Dance Training Programs 


We have dance training programs for everyone at DDD.  Many parents call us and say “you should see her, she is a natural!.”  And they are right.  Dance is a natural form of self-expression and most children move instinctively as soon as they hear music.  It is so much fun for us to be able to share in that with you as you watch your child enter their first structured dance training class.

A dance training program may be the first time they attend a “class” without parents or guardians.  Dance is a great way to introduce your children to a structured environment where they can learn so many great things besides just dance.  People start their children in dance (or any activity) for many reasons.  We want to enhance your child’s life through dance while providing a safe, warm, family-friendly environment.

Whether you want one class per week to have fun dancing or if you want your child to pursue dance at the college or professional level, we have whatever dance training program you need.


Dancers attend class once per week and benefit from the physical fitness aspects of dance, the creative and artistic outlet and gain confidence by performing on stage in the year-end recital.  Many of these dancers take classes with us while participating in several other extracurricular activities.


Dancers have been in our program or add dance training and cannot see their lives without dance.  They have other activities, but if given the choice, they would give up something else before they would give up their dance training.  Most dancers in this program take multiple classes per week in different styles of dance.  When the recital is over, these dancers typically take the summer off and return during the regular school year.  Dance is an ESSENTIAL part of their weekly activities.


Our pre-professional dancers train multiple days per week and do not take the summer off from their training.  Most of these dancers are members of our Elite competitive dance team.  They are required to take multiple ballet classes per week, as well as required technique classes in tap and jazz and optional classes in contemporary, hip hop or tumbling.  Many of these dancers pursue summer intensives and camp experiences.  They attend workshops and competitions throughout the school year.  Dance is their passion and their lifestyle.


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