Dancing: Cristina Guytingco

Lisa Parsons Alumni, Education 0 Comments

Cristina Guytingco, DDD Class of 2017  and Sacred Heart Academy graduate, is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan. She has found many dance outlets, including free classes she can take to find out if she wants to be part of dance clubs on campus. Cristina has found that there are so many dance related clubs it is a little overwhelming to experience them all!

Cristina says,  “Dance not only has given me the physical ability to express myself creatively, but has allowed me to become spiritually and mentally content when I feel like I need a boost. It is something that I can always turn to if I’m feeling down. Miss Jillian and Rob have been such role models in my life, leading by example by showing how to be determined and work hard, and most importantly, being kind and respecting every single person I encounter. I know that I will take dance with me throughout the rest of my life, wherever I go.”

It appears that dance will be a part of her life, as the picture here shows her in a beautiful dance studio that is in her dorm!  Best wishes Cristina from your DDD family.

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