DDD Senior of 2019

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DuHadway Dance Dimensions is excited to introduce the Class of 2019. This year we are lucky to have these 5 young ladies share their senior year with us!  (Seniors are listed alphabetically.)

Lindsay Abell, Alma High School

Lindsay has been dancing for 14 years with DDD, with 11 of those years on the Elite team.  Currently, Lindsay is taking classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and tumbling.  After high school, Lindsay is interested in studying accounting and continuing to dance.

Lindsay says, “I love how dance can get all the weight off my shoulders and always puts me in a better mood.”  Her best memory of the studio is seeing Mr. Rob when walking into the studio and being immediately greeted by him with his sarcastic jokes and comments.

Lindsay will always consider the studio as her second home. “If I am not at school or at my own house, then I will be at the studio. Jill is like a second mom to not just me but to all of the dancers.”

Katy Arnold, Alma High School

Katy has been dancing at DuHadway Dance Dimensions for 13 years and as an Elite team member for the last 9 years. Currently, Katy is taking ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip hop and Tap Club, and is a teacher assistant for two additional classes.   Katy is planning on studying fashion merchandising while continuing to dance.

This past summer Katy attended NYCDA in New York City and earned a three quarter scholarship to attend the summer intensive Eisenhower Dance at Oakland University.

“My mom gave me a lot of opportunities to find out what I was good at when I was little.  I almost quit dance going into the fourth grade, but my mom strongly encouraged me to audition for the Elite team.  I still remember how I felt when I left the audition and couldn’t wait to tell my mom I wanted to dance for real this time.  I made the Elite team, and I was determined to be the best dancer I could be.  Miss Jillian pushed me and encouraged me to take classes, while providing opportunities to challenge me.  I was also fortunate to work with amazing older dancers when I entered 6th grade.  I had great role models and aspired to be like them, and I am grateful to all who danced before me for helping me.”

Katy would also like to thank Miss Aubrey, Miss Kalie and Miss Rachel for pushing her and having high expectations.  “Miss Aubrey spent a lot of time with me when I was younger.  She was very disciplined and challenged me, but I knew she wanted me to grow as a dancer.  To my mom and me, that was a very high compliment and I greatly respect her.    Miss Kalie and I will always share the memories from “I Hate Boys” and our National bid to the Best of the Best.  We came a long way that year, and she has never stopped believing in me.  As for Miss Rachel, I remember watching her dance and thinking I want to be as good as her someday.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have her as a teacher and mentor these past two years.”

And lastly, Katy would like to thank her grandparents, Gma and Gpa Neitzel, for being at everything and anything dance related.  They have supported her in many ways, and she could always count on them to be in the front row.


Alanna Ross, Carson City High School

Alanna has been dancing for eight years with DDD.  Currently, Alanna is taking six dance classes and assists for two additional classes.  After graduation, Alanna plans on going to college to later become a Child Life Specialist.

Alanna’s favorite memory is when she first got her pointe shoes after working really hard to get them for a few years.  Alanna says, “I love how dance took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to become the person I am today.”

Alanna would like to thank her mom and her grandma for being at every competition and performance.  “Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to get to where I am now.”


Ashlyn Smith, Shepherd High School

Ashlyn has been dancing for fourteen years, but realizes it could be even longer.  Ashlyn’s mom was a dancer, so even before Ashlyn started taking classes she was probably tapping around the house.  Currently, Ashlyn is taking ballet, jazz and several tap classes each week, including Tab Club and TapSpeak reshearsals.  She is also an assistant in tap and ballet classes.

At school Ashyln is enrolled in the Early College Program, also known as the 5 Year Plan. It is basically where one takes college classes throughout high school and then stays an extra year and earns an associates degree for free. After that Ashlyn is not exactly sure what she wants to do, but at the moment she is leaning towards going to school to become a teacher. 

“When I am dancing I can express my feelings in such a different way. If I am ever having a bad day I know that the moment I step into the studio all of the bad things will disappear. I love being surrounded by people who support each other and uplift each other no matter what.  I have so many amazing memories and I am constantly making new ones.  I know that this year I will make tons of amazing memories in my dances, especially with my duo partner Ashlyn Wentworth. In our first rehearsal we were laughing and having fun the entire time and I’m very excited to share the stage with her this year.”

Ashlyn would like to thank Miss Jillian and the entire staff for “being the most supportive, creative, caring, and amazing people I know. Miss Jillian you have always been there for me and you made me the dancer I am today. You always give me the most amazing opportunities, such as TapSpeak, and always make sure that I am being pushed enough to grow as a person and a dancer.” 

Ashlyn would also like to thank her parents for taking her to and from Alma every day and putting up with her during all of this.  “I want to give the biggest thanks to my mom who is my biggest supporter and is the one who got me involved in dance in the first place (I love you mom!).”

Abbey Zerbe, Alma High School

Abbey has been dancing at DuHadway for 14 years, taking classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and hip hop. After she graduates, Abby is planning on taking a year off to work on a cruise ship as a performer then attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Abbey’s best memory at DDD was being able to perform as Olaf in the princess ballet.  She says, “What I love most about dance is the ability to express my emotions and experiences through movement, and that there’s always something more I can improve on.”

“I would like to thank the Elite team instructors and choreographers who, even though I was new to the team, never lost faith in me and pushed me to do better in everything I did in the studio. I also want to give a special thanks to Rob for always giving me something to smile about when I came into the studio.”

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