DDD’s Red Carpet Event

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Tuesday, January 2, DDD will be hosting their annual Red Carpet event to show off  this season’s dancers and costumes!   This is a parade like event where each dance/dancer comes down the “RED CARPET” and shows offer their costumes.

This gives the DDD staff a chance to look at the costuming well in advance of the shows and make sure dancers have what is needed.  It is a RAH RAH event filled with camaraderie and excitement.  It also gives the dancers a chance to practice getting ready with their teammates!

Dancers, bring your costumes (if already have them), be prepared to possibly receive new costumes if approved by the teacher, be in full hair and make-up, and, most importantly, bring your excitement and smiles!

Parents, please drop your dancer at the door! This is a great opportunity for your dancer to gain independence and prepare for the upcoming season!

Watch the video below to learn about appropriate hair for the 2018 season!

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