Four DDD Dancers Receive Peacemaking Award

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Four Elite team dancers who attend Mount Pleasant Public Schools received the Peacemaking Award from Mayor William L. Joseph, City of Mt. Pleasant, and Mt. Pleasant Public Schools’ Board of Education.

Congratulations to Katie Elliot, Ellie Deleon, Lauren Gilbert and Zoe Courturier!

According to the Proclamation, January 21, 2019, was deemed Peacemaking Recognition Day in Mt. Pleasant. “Peacemaking is an action, activity, event or way of life which reduces or leads to a reduction of violence and contributes to a more cooperative and just way in which we live together.  Peacemaking is a lifelong process that begins with ourselves. We live in a time when violence, hatred, and crime dominate the public media, and these attitudes are pervasive in our and children’s world view through television, movies, toys, popular music, videos and video games. We would all prefer to live in peace in our physical and social environments in a way which honors and respects others and their differences as well as ourselves. Our youth have an inherent idealism to make this a better community, country and world in which we live.”

Upon receiving this award, Lauren Gilbert stated, “I’m very honored to be a recipient of the Peacemaking Award here at Mt. Pleasant Public Schools.  I was super excited when I got the letter because it made me feel really good about myself and I was super honored.”

Ellie Deleon is also grateful to receive her award. “I always try to be kind and do the right thing.  I appreciate getting noticed for it.”

Katie Elliot added, “I feel so proud to get the award.  It makes me happy and I feel accomplished.”

Zoe agrees with the other young ladies thoughts and statements, and added, “I felt happy to get the award because I am trying to make the world a better place.”

Congratulations Ladies!  Your studio family is very proud of you!

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