Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Programs & Classes

When do classes start?
  • Fall Classes for our school year program start in September and run through the 1st week of June.
  • We offer 12-week classes January-March
  • We offer 6-8 week classes in April/May
What classes do you offer?
  • Rhythm I, II, III which are our ballet-based classes for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds
  • Tap starts at age 6
  • Jazz stage at age 7
  • Hip Hop starts at age 8
Can you tell me about the tumbling program?

Our tumbling program runs in 12-week sessions. 

  • September-early December
  • January-March
  • We have a “showcase session” in April and May that tumblers attend to prepare for an onstage demonstration.  Length varies from 6-8 weeks and includes a DDD t-shirt.  You must attend at least one 12 week session to be involved in the showcase.
  • What age can you start tumbling?  Tumbling starts at age 4
  • What do they wear for tumbling?  leotard or unitard, bare legs, and bare feet, shorts/leggings and fitted tops are OK too. 
  • How much does tumbling cost? 45-minute classes for ages 4-5 are just $41 per month.  1-hour classes for ages 6 and up are just $49
What do my kids need to wear for classes?
  • Depending on what type of class they will have required shoes (you can purchase through the DDD store)
  • Ballet is a leotard and pink tights
  • Same dress for tap and jazz, but many dancers add a pair of shorts or leggings over tights
  • If dancers are not taking ballet the tap and jazz dress code is typically leggings, shorts, fitted t-‘s and tanks
  • Hip Hop – comfortable clothing that you can move in (no street clothes please), converse or similar flat bottom sneaker reserved for use in dance only

Tuition & Associated Costs

How much is tuition?
  • Tuition starts at just $32 per month for a 30-minute class.  This is for our preschool and beginning tap programs
  • A 45-minute class is just $41 per month.
  • An hour class is just $49 per month
What methods of payment are available?
  • We use your credit card on file in your account to draft your account on either the 1st or 15th or the month.
  • Multi-month discounts are available for either the whole year or 1/2-year payments.
How much is the costume for recital and when is that due?
  • Costumes are $60 per class and those payments are due in October
  • If you have 3 or more costumes you can one per month October, November and December

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