Parking Lot Safety For Parents!

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Parking Lot Safety For Parents!

We realize parking spots near the studio entrance are limited.  However this does not excuse where some people are parking or waiting in their cars.

  • Hazardous Parking #1   “I’ll just wait here parked along side the building in my car until my dancer comes out.” OR “I’ll just run in for a second and get my dancer leaving your car parked along side the building.”  When you park along side the building you are in the walking path of the dancers and parents leaving to get to their legitimately parked cars.  Dancers and parents have to cross between cars to reach their parked car.  Families also have a difficult time backing out of their parking space to leave.
  • Hazardous Parking #2  “I’ll park here along side the grass by the dumpsters.”  When vehicles are parked here it makes it difficult for other drivers to get around the corner.  Drivers have to cut the corner short, leaving them blind as they round the corner putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk!

As much as we like convenience, having to park farther away from the entrance, in a less congested area, is a good idea. It may require that you and your dancer take a few extra steps, but it can also reduce the chances of an accident and injuries. 


Aerial view of the studio!

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