Pistons 2018 in Review

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Dancers had quite an experience dancing in the new Little Caesar Arena Friday, November 30th at 6:30 p.m.  Dancers also had the opportunity to take photos with the Pistons Dance Team members and watch the Pistons crush the Chicago Bulls.

Teacher Kalie Dickman did an amazing job choreographing the piece for the Pistons pre-game show! With the team consisting of over 50 girls, she created an outstanding piece featuring every dancer and utilizing the entire court.  It was truly an entertainment piece!

Miss Kalie, Miss Jillian and all of the dancers put in a tremendous amount of time and work to make this show happen.  Miss Jillian commented afterwards, “Tonight I am SO SO SO SO proud. After weeks of working together and rehearsing hard – the Pistons performance looked amazing. You can see it – the dedication, the passion, the hard work. Thank you DDD Elite dancers and parents. What a great way to kick off our holiday performance season!”

Pre-Game Fun with Friends and Family


Show Time!

Thank you to the moms who shared photos for this article:  Jaqi-Sue Cooper, Amanda Zimmerman, Sarah Miller, Marie Goltz and Heather Cunningham!



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