Suzy Guarino-Hall will be visiting DDD June 25-27 to offer tap classes.  

11:00-12:15 Junior TAP with Suzy
12:15-1:30 Intermediate TAP with Suzy
2:15-3:30 Advanced TAP with Suzy


$24 for 1 class
$22 per class for 2 classes
$20 per class for 3 classes
$18 per class for 4 or more

Background Information

Suzy Guarino has been busy in the dance and entertainment business for about 30 years. Originally from Chicago, Suzy moved to Phoenix in 1997 where she expanded her love for tap. Some of her biggest influences include Gregory Hines, Jason Samuels Smith, Jimmy Tate, Mark Goodman, Gregg Russell, Mark Mendonca and many others. Suzy has taught tap for Motor City Tap Fest, Tap Into The Network, Dance Educators of America, Focus Dance Conventions, Star Systems, Mark Goodman’s Totally Tap, Dance RAW, N-House Productions, Tap Unplugged and Spotlight Dance Cup. With almost 15 years’ experience, she is a regional and national dance competition adjudicator for Spotlight Dance Cup, In10sity Dance, and Star Systems. She’s the owner of a tap production company called Rhythm Essence Productions. Within that company, Tap 24.7 has done numerous guest performances for different events and concerts, including producing one of the biggest tap shows annually with over 60 tap dancers from all over the world. Those original Tap 24.7 shows were: “Tapabilities Are Endless”, “Just Breathe and Tap On”, “In the Pocket”, “Tap My Sole”, “The Great Tap X-Cape”, “Unlocking the Tapestry” and “TapSPEAK.” These shows provide performance opportunities for serious tap students that are looking to expand and grow in the tap community.
She enjoys teaching around the country as a master tap teacher to many studios, has choreographed multiple overall national winning pieces, and is an inspiration to students of all ages. Her choreography is rhythmic, energetic and cutting edge while mixing in modern music. She excels as a teacher, understanding many levels and breaking down steps and technique that is easy to understand.