Suzy Guarino-Hall visits DDD June 27-29th to offer intensive tap classes and choreograph a competition piece for the 2018 season.

Suzy Guarino-Hall Biography

Photo credit:  Motor City Tap Fest

Suzy has been busy in the dance and entertainment business for more than 20 years. Originally from Chicago, she now resides in Phoenix AZ. She has appeared in print work, industrial films, and numerous commercials.
She has also done extensive work for television both as talent and as a choreographer.  Her choreography can be seen in commercials for the WB for such TV shows as “Friends” and “The Simpson’s.” Suzy choreographed the opening “dance-off” for the finale of KTVK’s “Gimme the Mike.”  On camera, she was part of the WB Six Pak where she was a spokesperson for the television station and has done TV commercials and live television remotes, which included co-hosting several episodes of “Uncovered.”
In the dance field, Suzy is a master tap teacher and choreographer.  She has trained with some of the best master tap teachers in the country.  Suzy has taught tap on the convention circuit as well.
This fall, Suzy will be touring with The In10sive workshops with Tap Unplugged. She is also a regional and national dance competition adjudicator for SpotlightDance Cup, In10sity Dance andStar Systems. 
She’s the owner of a tap production company called Rhythm Essence Productions.  Her tap group, Tap 24.7, has done numerous guest performances for different events and concerts, as well as several tap festivals.
She enjoys teaching around the country as a master tap teacher to many studios, and inspiring tap students of all ages. Her choreography is rhythmic, energetic and cutting edge while mixing in modern music.  She excels as a teacher, understanding many levels and breaking down steps and technique that is easy to understand.  Suzy teaches in Phoenix at Bender Performing Arts and does tap choreography for their company, Dance Motion.
(Biography Information from Motor City Tap Fest website)

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