Teacher Highlight: Charlie DuHadway

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Charlie DuHadway was born a dancer and is doing what he does best–sharing his love for dance. “Going from a student to a teacher is an incredible accomplishment and experiencing that in my family business has been just amazing.”

Charlie has been teaching at DuHadway Dance Dimensions for three years and has dancers lining up to take his classes. Dancers are impressed with his ability to dance all genres, but he is specifically known for his outstanding tap ability. Charlie brings an impressive resume to the studio as he dances with the professional group Tap 24.7 based out of Arizona. He also participated in the Young Choreographer’s Competition and performed in the professional show at Motor City Tap Fest this past summer.

Charlie’s love for dance and his passion for teaching are quite apparent as the number of dancers, both boys and girls, enrolling in hip hop has increased drastically over the past three years. Charlie brings fun, upbeat and fresh choreography to his classes, as he stays current while he travels the country working for Spotlight Dance Cup.

“The opportunity to teach at DuHadway Dance has helped shape who I am today. I hope to have a positive impact on the children I teach, and help them to succeed in dance or whatever they choose to pursue. Teaching is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I love getting to have break through moments with kids and seeing the growth they can have when they really put in the work. Teaching is what I look forward to the most and I can’t wait to start this dance season.”


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