Teacher Highlight: Kalie Dickman

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Kalie Dickman is a familiar face at DuHadway Dance Dimensions.  Her contagious smile and quick laugh have been part of the studio while growing up as a DDD dancer and now as a teacher for 9 years and as Elite team staff for 7 years.

Kalie says she is very blessed to have had amazing teachers during her time at DDD.  They helped her become not only a better dancer, but a better person.  “My dance teachers positively impacted my life growing up.  Then, they gave me the opportunity to become a teacher and learn what kind of teacher I wanted to be. Now, 9 years later I am seeing the impact I am having on my students as they develop their passion.”

For Kalie, watching the dancers grow and acquire new skills are the most rewarding part of the job. “Watching my students’ faces light up as amazing things happen in their dance career makes everything worth it. And, whether or not my students realize it, they are positively impacting me as well.  I am very grateful dance is in my life and I am able to share in their experiences.”

The DDD family is lucky to have Kalie as an instructor, as she is completing her third and final year of her Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at CMU. In May of 2018, Kalie will graduate with her DPT degree.



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