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Laura Lowe grew up dancing at DuHadway Dance Dimensions and is now a teacher giving back to her students.  Even as a dancer within the studio, Laura could always be found intermingling with younger kids, sharing words of positive encouragement, and giving quick hugs to brighten a dancer’s day.  Laura has always been the dancer who wants to lift others up and wishes others to be as successful as possible.

This year marks Laura’s fourth year as a teacher at DDD and she has proven to be a valuable instructor for the ballet program, the studio and the competition team.

Laura says, “I love teaching because of the joy my students bring me. I love helping and mentoring them to reach their goals. It always makes my day when one of my students finally understands and has the “light bulb” moment. I love using imagery to make ballet more fun and exciting in class. Words like squirrel, toaster, stickers, sponge, colored pencil, and lizard eyes all have a different meanings to my students that instantly corrects their technique. My students often ask me how I come up with all of these crazy ideas. Well, the true answer is that I have learned from some amazing teachers. Miss Jillian has mentored and groomed me since the beginning into the teacher that I am today. My college dance professors, Crystal Fullmer and Ben Munisteri, have also showed me different teaching styles that I have used in my classes. They have also added to my ever-growing imagery pool that I like to use. I have also gained numerous teaching skills from the Cecchetti Council of America’s Teacher’s Seminar at Hope College the past two summers. Conversing and learning from other dance teachers from around the world gives me new ideas on how to help a specific student with a correction and how to improve my overall teaching style. Teaching dance has become something that I can’t live without, and I will always be looking for more opportunities to further my teaching education so I can be a better teacher for my students.”

The DuHadway dance family looks forward to another great year working with Laura Lowe.

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  1. I would like to order one more DVD of the recital at 3:30pm on Saturday June 9th, 2018. Ruby Darling performed. I am her Grandmother. I already ordered 1 of this program and 1 of the 1:00pm show, but would like to order another one from the 3:30pm program to give as a gift to Ruby’s Great Grandmother, who could not attend!

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